Everyone has a website.
We make them envy yours.

Aytoo is an Indianapolis-based web consulting team, and that’s not just a fancy title. Let’s break it down. We’re a web shop. A design team. A pair of developers. We also help you market and maintain your site and brand.

Bruce Wayne by day, Aytoo by night.

We do this because we have an extreme passion for it. This is not our day job. Therefore, we focus on building partnerships, not portfolios. This gives us the unique ability to truly focus on every individual and/or business that we take on. This also provides you with an opportunity to get a high quality product for a low cost.

It’s easy to think different. We do different.

We know that you are the expert when it comes to your business. We aren’t going to sit and nod our heads and then go work in a bubble. We believe in our clients. That’s why we build partnerships to extract ideas, devise solutions, and build a custom experience, made just for you and your users.

You deserve a partner, not a vendor.

At Aytoo, we give you more than a product. We help you enhance your online presence and brand. We’re invested in helping you reach your goal, so we work with you to discover what makes you great and then display that through functional and beautiful design.

The internet is like the wild west
& Aytoo is your six-shooter.

This is What We Do

Website Design & Development

We make websites. They’re pretty. They’re functional. And yes, they work on every device and browser because we’re not new to this business. You’ll get a wordpress website with a custom theme, admin tailored to your content, and support for deploying and maintaining everything.

Web Consulting

These days, a pretty website just isn’t enough. Your brand should transcend across all mediums of the web to tell a cohesive story. We’ll even help you craft that story. There are so many services, products, and mediums to keep track of it can be difficult to cut through the noise. Don’t worry, we’ll have your back.

This is What We've Done

  • The Reformed Broker

    The Reformed Broker chose Aytoo because he wanted to update his blog. We gave his site a clean, modern look while maintaining his brand and overall tone.

    We didn’t stop there, though. We also started a better email marketing process for and the results have been astounding.

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